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Do all women like sex toys?

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sex using a toyThere are some things that women will not admit about their sex toys.

DO adult novelty toys turn women on and hit that spot that they so need then to get to? DO women like experimenting with different types of adult toys? And probably the most important question, how do you bring up the subject of including an adult toy in your bedroom with your partner. These are just some of the questions that come along when people tend to talk about sex toys. In this article I am going to take a quick and insightful look into some of these questions and what women like and what they don’t like.

The answer to the main question, do women enjoy sex toys, the answer is yes. Most women love adult toys. I have found that most women not only love their sex aids but don’t only have just one. They more than likely will always have two. This is not because they wear them out, just kidding, but because they tend to get too comfortable with the one and feel they need to mix it up a little sometimes and swop between the two. I have found that if some women always use the same dildo or vibrator all the time then they sometimes experience some numbness of the clitoris or the vaginal lips. This tends to happen if the dildo or vibrator is used to often or in the wrong way.

But in most cases women love their adult novelty toys not only for use on their own but with their partners. There are still those select few people out there that still judge a woman, or man for that matter, if they own some sort of sex aid. You will find that this is more often than most the older generation when sex was a VERY private thing to do and nobody used to talk about it. In this day and age it is not so much frowned upon anymore because we have all grown up talking about sex. This does not make it a bad thing but rather that with so many bad things out there, like aid and STD’s we have all come to terms with the fact that everybody needs to be educated when it comes to sex. You need to be able to talk to your children and help them understand if there is anything that they wish to know so that they knowledgeable and can be more careful in their own sexual endeavours. Studies have shown that in those families where the parents are open about the subject of sex and are able to talk to their children about it are 65% less likely to want to go behind their parent’s backs and go do it anyway. It is the curiosity that intrigues them. If you are open and honest about it then they are less likely to want to go out and experiment on their own and have to find things out in their own way.

Ok now I’m getting slightly a little bit off topic. Back to women and their sex toys. I have found that most women will gladly tell you about the types of sex toys that they use and what they like. Whether it is for solo use or with a partner. Most of these women that have partners say that it is such a turn on for them for their partner to go shopping for adult toys with them. And the fact of the matter it is. This is because not only are you able to have a more open and honest relationship but you are able to experiment with new thing and bring a little bit more fire into the bedroom, or wherever you like to have sex.

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